Truth Blend Chakra #5 Spray

Crystal Joys Co

Reiki infused blend. Attuned to the 5th Chakra (Vishuddha). Tune into your Higher Truth and express it creatively, passionately and with a sense of confidence! Meant to be sprayed in a cloud around the body.

Contains Palo Santo EO blend. Palo Santo "holy wood" is a powerful essential oil that fights inflammation and stimulates the immune system. It fights free radicals and is said to be a natural cancer treatment. It treats infections, relieves muscular pains and supports an overall healthy nervous system. It is a de-stressor and natural relaxant. It dispels negativity on all levels. It helps to reduce the pains from headaches and it fights colds and the flu.

Palo Santo stimulates Higher Truth in your life and practice.

Blue Lace Agate crystal elixir correlates to the throat Chakra. A piece of the crystal is included in the bottle. Place under the light of the New or Full Moon to keep the energy charged up. 

2oz bottle. Concentrated formula

Type: Apothecary