Azurite Specimen Silver Earrings

Crystal Joys Co

Materials: Malachite, Sterling Silver (Natural stones can sometimes contain natural crevices, indentations, or small fissures. This is part of the beauty of natural stones and crystals)

Weight: .1oz

Size-Measurement: 1"L X 1/4" including ear wire (Each stone is unique, size may vary slightly)

Handmade Item! Crystal Joys offers employment opportunities to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Sample Supports. Our mission is to provide meaningful long-term employment opportunities that build self-esteem and professional job skills. Each handmade piece sold by Crystal Joys is unique and truly “one-of-a-kind.”

Summary: Individual specimens of stunning dark green and blue stones are use to make these delicate dangle earrings.

Each gemstone offers unique benefits to it's wearer. Beyond the beautiful and unique features these earrings have, they may also offer you a deeper connection with alternative healing abilities.

Stone: Azurite

Color: Dark blue

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown

Metaphysical/spiritual: opens the Third Eye and Crown, stimulating psychic powers, assisting in past life recall and bringing an increases connection to the Divine. Helps to show truth in situations, prevents you from being misled.

Ailments: migraines, lessen tinnitus, and balance vertigo

Rock legend: Azurite was sacred to the Egyptians who believed it was an aid to spiritual communication. Many believe that this stone helps to reduce anger and to increase psychic awareness. It is also thought to reduce abnormal cell growth, promote wisdom, and is used as an aid to relieve the pain of rheumatism.

Crystal Joys currently has locations in Longmont and Loveland. These physical storefronts each house a variety of rocks, stones, gems, and unique handmade items. We also actively participate in local fairs, farmers’ markets, and other local events.

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