Balance & Radiate Chakra #3 Spray

Crystal Joys Co

Engage your sense of personal power & identity while balancing the emotional center of the body & energy system. This, Reiki infused Chakra stray is attuned to the 3rd Chakra (Manipura). Meant to be sprayed in a cloud around your body.

Cinnamon E.O. blend infused with the Elixir of Citrine crystal to bring a higher sense of self & alleviate any digestive or emotional processing issues.

Cinnamon Oil decreases inflammation, fights parasites, viruses & free radicals, relieves depression, stimulates the immune system and the libido.

Includes a piece of Citrine crystal in the bottle. Place under the light of the New or Full Moon to keep the elixir energy charged & strong.

2 oz. glass bottle. Concentrated formula. Do not spray directly on face or in the eyes as Cinnamon E.O. is very strong.

Type: Apothecary