Blue Topaz, Aquamarine Leverback Earrings 15mm

Blue Topaz, Aquamarine Leverback Earrings 15mm

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Blue topaz and aquamarine leverback earrings are a beautiful and elegant jewelry option. The combination of the blue topaz and aquamarine stones creates a lovely contrast in color, and the leverback design provides a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer. Blue topaz is a December birthstone and aquamarine is a march birthstone, it could be a great gift option for someone with a birthday in those months. Kristen Ford Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Peridot clasp earrings

Blue topaz is a variety of the mineral topaz, which is typically colorless but can also be found in a variety of colors including blue, pink, yellow, and brown. The color of blue topaz is cautilized by irradiation and heat treatment of colorless topaz. It is a relatively common and affordable gemstone, often utilized in jewelry. It is the birthstone for December.

Blue topaz is believed to have metaphysical properties that can aid in spiritual growth and inner peace. It is said to help the wearer communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively, making it a useful stone for those who struggle with expressing themselves. Blue topaz is also thought to have a calming effect and can be utilized to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Additionally, it is said to help one to manifest their desires and to aid in decision making. It is also believed to help one to be more relaxed and to help in peaceful sleep.

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