Chakra Bath Bombs Gift Sets

Chakra Bath Bombs Gift Sets

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Create a magical, sacred intention setting bath for yourself or a gift for someone special. Chakra Bath Bombs are perfect for those in need of a little Self Care.

Each sweet little bomb is handmade with loving care, impeccably packaged, gilded with shimmery gold cosmetic grade mica and infutilized with corresponding essential oils, Reiki...AND each is embedded with a healing crystal to charge your bath and keep with you to bring your specific intentions to manifestation. You may choose to keep this stone near your tub to continue to elevate the healing vibrations in every bath you take.

Crown Chakra Bomb: connects you to spirit and Divine knowledge. VERY cleansing and works to brighten your aura. A blend of Frankincense, Peppermint, Bergamot and Jasmine lifts your awareness and connection to the LIGHT. Each bomb contains Clear Crystal Quartz Point.

Third Eye Chakra Bomb: blasts open your intuition, inner knowing and psychic abilities. Lavender, Patchouli and Eucalyptus essential oils create a magical scent that brings on a meditative mood. Each bomb contains a tumbled Amethyst.

Throat Chakra Bomb: Express yourself and speak your truth! Strengthen your communication skills with ALL realms. Cypress, Copal, Wintergreen, Spearmint essential oils open your throat chakra physically and spiritually. Each bomb contains a tumbled Sodalite.

Heart Chakra Bomb: Open, soothe and heal your heart while attracting LOVE in every area of your life. Use this in your bath to connect to the idea of Unconditional Love for yourself and those around you. Each bomb contains a tumbled Rose Quartz.

Solar Plexus Bomb: Shine bright. Boost your confidence and will. Made with a blend of citrusy essential oils the aroma is juicy and invigorating. Each bomb contains a flashy tumbled Tiger's Eye.

Sacral Chakra Bomb: Ignite your passion and creativity. Excellent choice to provide assistance with your Moon Cycle. The orange, clove & cinnamon essential oils create a warm and sexy vibe for your bath. Each bomb contains a juicy tumbled Carnelian.

Root Chakra Bomb: Bring yourself back down to earth while raising your spirits. One whiff of this earthy essential oil blend immediately grounds your energy. Each bomb contains a gorgeous tumbled Red Jasper.

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