Coral Fossil Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

Coral Fossil Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

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Exquisite artisan-made Coral Fossil Wire Wrap Necklace, a true labor of love, meticulously handcrafted to adorn your life with both beauty and purpose. This enchanting pendant boasts a genuine fossilized coral treasure, lovingly cradled in a delicately handwoven wire wrap fashioned from gold-coated copper wire, and gracefully suspended from a durable stainless steel chain.

The heart of this captivating piece, the Coral Fossil, is more than a mere gemstone; it's a touchstone of transformation. Known as a grounding stone, it roots you to the earth's energies, offering a sense of stability and equilibrium in a world of constant change. Yet, its profound power is believed to lie in its capacity to facilitate change, inspiring you to confront long-awaited transformations and guiding you as you remain steadfast on your journey.

The Coral Fossil's energy serves as a trusted companion on your quest for change, imbuing you with the determination and fortitude to overcome obstacles and embrace new horizons with unyielding resolve.

Each pendant is a unique creation, showcasing the Coral Fossil's natural beauty while nestled securely within the wire wrap's golden embrace. The stainless steel chain complements the pendant's design, ensuring both style and longevity.

Our Coral Fossil Wire Wrap Pendant is more than a mere adornment; it is a symbol of your commitment to personal growth and transformation. Embrace the power of change and unwavering strength with this handmade masterpiece, and let it be your guide as you embark on the path towards lasting evolution.

Gold Coated Copper Wire & Stainless Steel Chain

Fossilized Coral is not only a grounding stone, but a stone of change, meaning it can help us make the longstanding changes we have been putting off and help us stick with them. It is an excellent stone for embarking down a new path with steady, resolute energy.

18” stainless steel chain included.

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