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Gemstone Sterling Silver Point Necklace

These gemstone sterling silver point necklaces come in Labradorite and Smoky Quartz. They are unisex and often attract many. 

Labradorite is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth. It is useful for people who are overworked. It is associated with all chakras. 

Smoky Quartz means detox and balance. It is a grounding stone. All versions of Smoky Quartz are definitely good news for your root chakra, working to keep you protected, grounded, and poised for receiving a glut of positive vibrations. Say farewell to negative energy when you welcome Smoky Quartz into your world to get your base chakras back in balance. It is associated with the root chakra. 

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