Green Smithsonite & Aurichalcite -Arizona 4” x 2”
Green Smithsonite & Aurichalcite -Arizona 4” x 2”

Green Smithsonite & Aurichalcite -Arizona 4” x 2”

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This specimen is from an Arizona Copper/Zinc deposit and shows exceptional green smithsonite crystals that are highlighted by bright blue Aurichalcite crystals. The specimen shown measures 5 x 4 x 2 inches. Weighs 1.1 lbs. 

****Only one of the two specimens available has the blue Aurichalcite crystals, the other is just smithsonite****

Smithsonite, also known as zinc spar, is the mineral form of zinc carbonate (ZnCO3). Smithsonite occurs as a secondary mineral in the weathering or oxidation zone of zinc-bearing ore deposits. Smithsonite is a variably colored mineral which only rarely is found in well formed crystals. The typical habit is as earthy botryoidal (greek for grape like) masses.

Aurichalcite is a carbonate mineral, usually found as a secondary mineral in copper and zinc deposits. Its chemical formula is (Zn,Cu)5(CO3)2(OH)6. The zinc to copper ratio is about 5:4. Aurichalcite typically occurs in the oxidized zone of copper and zinc deposits. Aurichalcite usually occurs in a blue to blue-green color and the crystals radial tuffs of slender needle like crystals. 

Smithsonite is said to provide an energy that is conducive to pleasantness, charm, kindliness, and favorable outcomes. Smithsonite strengthens one's abilities in the psychic realm, providing for an increase in the abilities of clairvoyance and clairsentience. It can be utilized to promote leadership abilities and as a "bridge over troubled waters''. 

Aurichalcite is said to encourage stability and fearlessness and can be utilized as a protective shield around the user and within environments in which it is placed. It enhances one's personal freedom, allowing one to release the old, non productive practices and to reach for and attain the new, hopefully constructive, situations.

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