1” Lepidolite Mood Stabilizing Gemstone Crystal “Stone of Transition”

Lepidolite is has a lovely lilac gray color that contains high amounts of lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medicines. Lepidolite calms and balances the mind and spirit, especially when experiencing fiery emotions. This stone stimulates all of the chakras. Inhibit an attitude of courage and peace during change and transition. Helps you discover your true purpose and calling in life moving you closer to pure joy. Helps with keep your mind and body balanced during day to day stresses.

Add this stone to your bath water to experience the physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties. Use as a meditation piece to help focus energy on positive change and healing or place in an open space as an altar stone to encourage positivity and clear negative energy within your sacred spaces.


  • Deep emotional healing
  • Gently induce change
  • Release negative behavioral and psychological patterns
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Dissipates negativity
  • Helps to overcome mental and emotional dependencies
  • Clears electromagnetic pollution
  • Strengthens immune system  soothes the nervous system