Lepidolite Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

Lepidolite Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

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Exquisite artisan-made Lepidolite Wire Wrap Necklace, a harmonious blend of natural beauty and transformative energy. Lepidolite, often hailed as the "stone of transition," guides you through the intricate journey of releasing old behavioral and psychological patterns while gently ushering in positive change. It is a remarkable gem renowned for its profound emotional healing properties, offering solace and relief from the burdens of stress and depression.

This pendant encapsulates the serene essence of Lepidolite, each stone carefully cradled within a handcrafted setting of tarnish-resistant gold-coated copper wire. The gold coating exudes a timeless elegance, ensuring both style and durability.

Lepidolite's energy radiates with a soothing embrace, calming the storms of negativity and inviting a renewed sense of optimism. It encourages you to walk the path of self-improvement and transformation, always guiding you toward the highest good.

While the coating and color of your pendant are permanent, it's essential to treat this precious piece with care to ensure its longevity. Avoid submerging it in water, as swimming or bathing with your jewelry may result in minor scratches and dings. By nurturing your Lepidolite Wire Wrap Pendant, you can ensure it lives a long and happy life, just like the positive changes it inspires.

To complete this exquisite offering, an 18-inch stainless steel chain is included, combining both strength and timeless allure. Wear this pendant close to your heart, and let the healing and transformative energies of Lepidolite be your guiding light on your path toward emotional well-being and personal growth.

18” stainless steel chain included.

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