Moss Agate Point Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

Moss Agate Point Wire Wrap Necklace - Artisan Made

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Artisan-made by a local wire wrap artist from Maine.

Moss Agate Wire Wrap Point Pendant, a remarkable fusion of natural beauty and tranquil energy. Moss Agate, celebrated for its ability to usher in serenity and emotional equilibrium, stands as a steadfast ally for those navigating the turbulent seas of their inner emotions. This exquisite pendant is the embodiment of these soothing qualities, offering solace especially to those grappling with anger or negativity.

Each Moss Agate gem in this pendant is lovingly embraced by a handcrafted setting of tarnish-resistant copper wire, showcasing the stone's innate elegance while adding a touch of rustic charm. The warm copper hues harmonize with the calming energy of Moss Agate, creating a visual and energetic masterpiece.

Moss Agate's gentle influence grounds us and reconnects us with the earth's soothing embrace, providing refuge from the relentless stresses of our modern world. It fosters patience and tolerance, offering a respite from the chaos and demands of our fast-paced lives.

While the pendant's coating and color are enduring, it deserves to be handled with care to maintain its lasting beauty. Avoid exposing it to water, as swimming or bathing with your jewelry may lead to minor scratches and dings. By treating your Moss Agate Wire Wrap Point Pendant with kindness, you can ensure its continued beauty and longevity, just as it enhances your inner harmony.

To complete this exquisite offering, an 18-inch stainless steel chain is included, combining both strength and timeless allure. Wear this pendant close to your heart, and let the calming and grounding energies of Moss Agate guide you towards serenity and emotional balance, even in the midst of life's challenges.

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