Monthly Dainty Jewelry Subscription Box, 3 Jewelry Items Per Box - Pendant, Earrings and Bracelet or Ring in Every Box

Pretty Little Things Jewelry Subscription Box features accessories with simple and dainty designs, beautifully uncomplicated to compliment your individual style.

Each month you will receive a box containing 3 delicate hand-picked gemstone jewelry items. Every box contains over $40 worth of accessories! Your first subscription comes with a bonus item (a lovely necklace chain) so you can change out the pendants you will receive. Each month you can look forward to a pendant, earrings and a third item  that will typically alternate between a ring and a bracelet. Build a beautiful and affordable accessory collection with this jewelry subscription box.

Within the beautifully packaged box containing your jewelry items, you will find a personal note that describes each items significance. You save $30-$50 ordering the subscription box versus a one time purchase of individual jewelry pieces. Anticipation of your next jewelry shipment will bring excitement that only comes from a true surprise.



  • Build your accessory collection affordably
  • Monthly gift that is especially for you
  • Handpicked, Quality jewelry suited to your personal preference
  • Personal Shopper Experience

*There are 3 different jewelry subscription boxes to choose from, each with a unique theme to match your unique personality.

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