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Rainbow Moonstone 6-7mm Bead Bracelet

This item is a gemstone bracelet strung with 6-7mm Moonstone beads on a stretchy cord. 

It is a feldspar, a potassium aluminum silicate with a monoclinic crystal system. It originates from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma, Australia, India, and the US. Moonstone has a hardness score of 6-6.5. 

It was named after its blue-white sheen. In India, it has always been a sacred stone, with a special significance for lovers. It was believed that placing Moonstone in their mouths when the moon was full would allow them to see their future. In Europe, Moonstone was said to reconcile estranged lovers and to cure sleeplessness. 

It is a stone of mystery and self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams and the goddess. Moonstone aids women in comfortable regulation of their menstrual cycles, encourages forbearance, calmness, patience, and inner tranquility, and stimulates inner reflection, attunement with Divine Feminine. It also helps heal one’s emotions at the deepest level. It is associated with the third-eye and crown chakra.

Each piece is similar, though no item at Crystal Joys is exactly the same as every item uses a unique stone that is non-fabricated.  Every item at Crystal Joys is truly "one of a kind". Slight variations in color, size and bead shape exist.