30” Moonstone Necklace on Braided Cord and 2" Moonstone Sterling Silver Earring Set

30” Moonstone Necklace on Braided Cord and 2" Moonstone Sterling Silver Earring Set

One-of-a-kind Moonstone necklace handmade by local vendors from Sayulita Mexico.  The Moonstone chip beads are strung with wax braided cord. The Moonstone chips vary in size and shape and are placed every 1-2” throughout the 30” necklace.  

Matching Moonstone earring sets are 2-3” in length and attached to sterling silver earwire.

Moonstone is known as the Traveler's Stone for the metaphysical protection it affords, especially at night, and because of its uplifting quality of hope, has long been worn as a talisman to enhance the personality.

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