30” Moonstone Necklace on Braided Cord and 2" Moonstone Sterling Silver Earring Set

Stone: Moonstone
Fabrication: Handcrafted
Materials: Wax braided cord, sterling silver
Size: 30" necklace, 2-3" earrings

This one-of-a-kind moonstone necklace and earring set was handmade by local vendors from Sayulita Mexico. 

Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate that belongs to the feldspar group. Moonstone's name is derived from a visual effect, or sheen, caused by light diffraction within a micro-structure consisting of a regular of feldspar layers. Moonstone is rated between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Moonstone is thought to open receptivity, intuition and wisdom, as well as help to heal emotions on the deepest level. 

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