Selenite Massage Wand

Selenite is an essential crystal in Feng Shui. It has the ability to enhance and correct the energy that flows through our homes because of their electrical properties. Selenite promotes a peaceful atmosphere.


Protective stone, shields and neutralizes against negative energies. Selenite is a crystalized form of Gypsum that is used for good luck and protection. Selenite corresponds with the crown chakra and can clear, open and activate. Great addition to and spiritual work or just to add a beautiful ambiance to any room. Selenite is named for the Greek Goddess of the moon Selene.

Selenite will dissolve in water, so it is not recommended to get it wet.


  • Self-Cleansing Stone
  • Recharges itself
  • Charges other crystals and gemstones
  • Powerful Aura Cleanser
  • Radiates Pure White Light
This massage wand can be used to relax and heal the muscles of the body by applying pressure along muscle system (in circular or long strokes). There are two styles of massage wands, one is rounded on both sides at an angle and the other is round on one end and pointed on the other. The massage wand with a point is good for use in acupressure along pressure points in the body.

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