Seraphenite Tumbled Stones 1" SALE

Seraphenite Tumbled Stones 1" SALE

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These seraphenite stones are tumbled and measure about 1".

Seraphinite is a variety of clinochlore, a green mineral that is often utilized for jewelry and decorative purposes, especially as tumbled stones. It is named for its feathery, angelic appearance. Seraphinite is primarily found in Russia and is known for its beautiful, iridescent chatoyancy.

Tumbled stones are smooth, polished stones that are commonly utilized for various purposes such as jewelry-making, decorating, and spiritual practices. The process of tumbling involves placing rough stones in a rotating drum with abrasive materials such as sand or grit, which gradually smoothens the surface of the stones. This process can also enhance the natural colors and patterns of the stones. Tumbled stones are available in a variety of materials including quartz, agate, jasper, and many other minerals.

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