Stability Chakra #2 Spray

Crystal Joys Co

Reiki Infused blend. Attuned to the 2nd Chakra (Svadisthana). Find solid ground in your creative and sensual center. Meant to be sprayed in a cloud around the body.

Delicate & Floral . Ylang Ylang E.O. base with Witch Hazel and Crystal Elixir of Carnelian to assist in Your Life's Work and Your Soul's Purpose.

Ylang Ylang is known to lift your mood. It is a heart health booster, preserves skin health, it is a digestive aid, fights diabetes, is naturally energizing, bolsters hair health, helps calm PMS symptoms and is also an aphrodisiac.

Infused with the Elixir of Carnelian to nourish the Second Chakra. Includes a piece of Carnelian stone in the bottle. Place under the light of the New or Full Moon to keep the elixir energy charged & strong. 

2 oz. glass bottle. Concentrated formula.

Type: Apothecary