Turquoise Chip Earrings

Crystal Joys Co

Materials: Sterling Silver, Turquoise (Each stone is unique)

Weight: .3ozs

Size-Measurement: 1.5-2" L X .25" W Including ear wire and 1" of stones.

Handmade Item! Crystal Joys offers employment opportunities to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Sample Supports. Our mission is to provide meaningful long-term employment opportunities that build self-esteem and professional job skills. Each handmade piece sold by Crystal Joys is unique and truly “one-of-a-kind.”

Summary: A beautiful piece made with a classic stone. Pairing sterling silver with the beauty of teal turquoise reveals such elegant style.

Turquoise: Color: blue and green
Chakras: Throat
Metaphysical/Spiritual: Harmonizes and protects,helps to recognize the cause of emotions, associated with fate, forgiveness,well-being, finding wholeness and truth, and communication.
Ailments: oxygenates the blood, and helps with self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, and honors the self by helping to speak one’s truth.

Category: Turquoise

Type: Earrings