Accessorize for Summer

Accessorize for Summer

Summer is upon us and everyone is excited to travel and hit the beaches! There is so much positive energy everywhere. This is the time when people are dressing up in their best summer outfits and looking for some great new pieces to accessorize with. Here at Crystal Joys, we have something for everyone! Do you consider yourself more on the simple side or a certified fashionista? Our collections are made up of not only timeless pieces but all the latest trends as well. We have selected some of our most popular gemstone accessories for you to wear this summer!

If you love spending the day in the sun. Any of our yellow Citrine jewelry is perfect for you! Citrine is believed to provide a carefree mindset, a positive attitude, and a boost of energy. Our beautiful Citrine necklaces are handmade with faceted citrine beads. This necklace is very simple and great to wear with any summer dress! We also have  Citrine Point Plated Pendants This necklace looks great with any sunny wardrobe. To complete this look try our matching  Citrine Raw Point Earrings too! I recommend wearing your hair up and or away from your face so everyone can see these unique and raw pointed earrings! 

Garnet, with all its red hues, reminds us of a sunset on a warm summer night. Red is the color of energy, confidence, and activity. Our summer pick for garnet are these beautiful Kashgar Garnet silver kidney hooks handmade earring. They are simple, elegant, and trendy. If you plan to dress up for a night out these are a perfect addition to your outfit. We also have our delicate 4mm round beaded bracelets in Garnet. This elegant and simple bracelet would be the perfect complement to your Garnet earrings. We also carry other 4mm beaded gemstone bracelets too.

 Let your confidence shine through with these bold statement pieces this summer. Our Agate slice bracelet is adjustable and our unique agate pendant that has a druzy center.  Agates which are very popular come in a ray of colors from red and yellow to blue- and black. Agates are thought to have a warm protective property that encourages security and self-confidence. We have many other options for Agates on our website at as well.

With the summer heat, you may find yourself craving some calm cooler energies. We carry  Aquamarine, Larimar & Turquoise accessories too! They will remind you of the ocean with its blue-green colors. They offer the calming, soothing energies of the sea. We carry Aquamarine Pendants   Turquoise nugget pendant & Larimar adjustable rings. Perfect for any beach day or island getaway! 

Try layering any of these beautiful necklaces together for a fun trendy refreshing look! A few ways to do this is by combining different chain lengths, wear at least 3 necklaces at a time, style a bold necklace for a pop of color, and feel free to break the rules!

And last but, not least, pearls. Even though they are not gemstones these soothing and nurturing Freshwater pearls form in various species of freshwater mussels that live in lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of fresh water. We have so many great pieces to choose from it would be hard to choose from just one! We have these timeless  Pearl Coin Earrings, which are simple & classy. A one-of-a-kind freshwater pearl necklace handmade by locals in Sayulita Mexico. This necklace is an eye-catcher Make sure to wear a plain colored or natural colored top while wearing this beauty!  We also carry several pearl bracelets including our 6-inch freshwater pearl bracelet on a braided Cord.

All of these beautiful gemstone accessories are available in-store and online at hope your summer is now complete with our beautiful selections!