Gemstone Directory



Abalone: Helps overcome despondency, insecurity and disappointment; brings peace and harmony.  

Actinolite: Enhances straightforwardness, new orientation, determination; promotes self-esteem and inner balance. 

Agate: Inner stability, composure, maturity, protection, warmth, security, self-confidence.

Amazonite: Assists with self-determination, emotional balance, harmonious interaction of intellect and intuition.  

Amber: Creates a feeling of ease and being carefree; enhances memory of past lives; opens receptivity on a mental/spiritual level.  

Amethyst: Power stone of the Crown Chakra; transforms negative energy into positive energy and opens intuition. Clears and liberates; helps with grief and sadness and brings inner peace; awakens and stimulates awareness. 

Ammolite/Ammonite: Referred to as “Buffalo Stone” by the Blackfoot tribe which represents wealth, good health and stamina.  Associated with beauty, seductive charm, charisma.

Angelite: Associated with stability and stamina. Helps withstand extreme psychic strain and overcome insecurity.

Apatite: Assists in motivation, drive, energy, stamina, and communication.

Aquamarine: Bestows perseverance and discipline and assists with foresight; clears up confusion, helps to bring unfinished business to a conclusion.

Aventurine (Blue/Green): Calms and relaxes; helps with nervousness, stress and sleep disorders.

Azurite: Stimulates psychic abilities; brings clarity to meditations and enhances memory of dreams. 

Azurite/Malachite: Harmonizes the intellect and feelings; helps resolve conflicts. 



Barite: Assists with setting boundaries and defining what is important. Strengthens memory.

Barite Rose: Grounding stone; assists in attunement to nature and opens the heart to receiving friendship and love. 

Bixbyte: Spiritual vibrational frequency raised. Aids in developing connection to higher self.

Bloodstone: Cleanses energy and helps in purification, calming and soothing of mind and emotions.

Boji Stone/ Pop Rock: Male and female balance stones. Balances magnetic polarity within the body.

Bronzite: Enhances past life recall; stimulates sexual energy.



Calcite: Amplifies thought, improves memory and intellectual capacity. Promotes mental growth and development.

Carnelian: Relieves lethargy, depression, low self-esteem, fear and anxiety. Increases inner self understanding.

Celestite: Improves stability and brings structure to one’s life.

Chalcedony Blue: Promotes flow; boosts presence of mind; perception and communication with others. 

Chalacedony Rose: Associated with development of female energy. Promotes openness and understanding.

Chalcopyrite: Associated with curiosity and experience. Promotes the desire to understand life; improves power of observation and systematic thinking.

Chrysocolla: Associated with balance. Good for stress and handling mood changes. 

Chysoprase: Promotes trust and sense of safety. Helps with relationship problems and heartache/jealousy.

Citrine Quartz: Aids in self-expression and gives courage to face life’s challenges. 

Clear Quartz: Promotes understanding and clarity; associated with inner strength.

Copper: Promotes harmony and a sense of justice.   



Dumortierite: Associated with detachment; helps alleviate fear, nervousness and stress.



Emerald: Associated with seeking meaning. Also a symbol of love, beauty, prosperity and kindness.

Epidote: Brings patience and helps realize one’s own idea of happiness and fulfillment.



Fluorite: Enhances spiritual vision and understanding while aiding in healing.

Fuchsite: Associated with protection and self-determination Promotes attitude and opens positive emotional expression.



Galena: Grounding stone; opens emotional blocks and alleviates depression symptoms. 

Garnet: Opens the heart expressions of love, passion and sensuality.

Geodes: Improves intellectual insight, awareness and community spirit. Helps to attract compatible friends and lovers.

Glauberite: General healing stone, very versatile and can be programmed for healing ailments. Helps to connect the physical body to nature.



Halite: Salt stone associated with protection and purification.  Brings inner balance.

Hematite: Grounding stone that helps to develop will power and the ability to focus energies. Often used for dream work and meditation. 

Howlite: Associated with independence and taking control of one’s own life. Increases receptivity.



Iolite: Opens upper chakras. Aides in communication of spiritual concepts.



Jade: Maintains balance between work and rest in life. Promotes peace and harmony.

Jasper: Generally associated with inner peace, harmony, tranquility and gentleness.



Kunzite: Helps with self-discipline, humility and will power.  Promotes tolerance and readiness to serve.

Kyanite: Raises spiritual vibrational frequency, aids in awareness and perception as well as helps to develop positive thought.



Labradorite: Sharpens intuition; enhances emotional depth, self-reflection and search for truth.

Lapis Lazuli: Associated with truth and wisdom. Promotes honesty, friendship, socialization, and dignity.

Lepidolite: Protects against external influences; gives inner peace; helps with sleep disorders.



Magnetite: Stimulates aligning oneself to higher ideals. Helps in decision making skills.

Malachite: Deepens emotional life and promotes more adventure.  Promotes power of imagination and decision. Associated with enhancing sexuality.

Marcasite: Addresses self-worth; helps appreciate oneself and bring suppressed desires to light.

Mica: Promotes wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Opens spiritual self to higher realms.

Moldavite: Promotes the recognition of being of a spiritual origin.  Associated with freedom and unlimited expanse. Glass formed by meteorite impact. 

Mookaite: Encourages new experiences and promotes variety and fun.

Moonstone: Opens receptivity, intuition and wisdom; helps to heal emotions on the deepest level. 

Muscovite: Amplifies thought and clarity; aids in raising vibratory levels to help connect with your higher self.



Obsidian: Associated with resolution and remedies shock, trauma and blockage stone and associated with root chakra. Aids in healing ailments and balancing energy in the physical body.

Onyx: Grounding stone. Increases vigor, strength, stamina and self-control. Eliminates confusion and alleviates nightmares.

Opal: High energy stone. Increases emotional activity and awakens the sexual center in the body. 

Opalite: Cleansing stone that influences love and passion. Encourages physical contact and emotional expression in a playful manner.



Peacock Ore: Helps balance the spiritual body with in the physical body and opens intuitive ability.

Peridot: Promotes independence; dissipates anger and promotes one to admit mistakes.

Petrified Wood: Amplifies longevity and slows down the aging process. Assists with past life recall, enhances wisdom and soul memory.

Pyrite: Encourages self-recognition; reveals secrets and memories.

Purpurite: Promotes inspiration and gives energy; Invigorates and energizes the physical body.



Quartz Crystal: Balances the aura and electromagnetic energy. Associated with all chakras as a cleansing stone. Amplifies the thought and meditative process.



Rhodocrosite: Increases activity and enhances sexuality; Opens spiritual insight and understandings.

Rhondonite: Helps forgiveness and promotes mutual understanding.

Ruby: Promotes bravery and courage. Enhances ability to feel and express unconditional love.



Sapphire: Enhances wisdom and spiritual power. Creates a strong inner calm and helps to concentrate on one’s goal.

Selenite: Calms irritation and hyperactivity; protects against loss of control.

Serpentine: Enhances deep relaxation in the body; eases stress and pain.

Sodalite: Enhances the mental body to aid in clear, rational and logical thinking. Increases clarity in search for the truth. 

Sugilite: Gives strength to resolve conflicts; enhances awareness of consequences.

Sulfur: Used for purification and revealing hidden thoughts.

Sunstone: Promotes positive expression, enthusiasm, self-esteem, sexual enjoyment and playfulness.



Tanzanite: Helps solve questions related to the meaning of life.  Associated with vocation and orientation. 

Tigereye: Sharpens the senses while enhancing willpower and self-expression. 

Topaz: Encourages self-confidence and helps to promote a positive self-image. Reduces fears and anxiety.

Tourmaline: Associated with optimism and spirit. Associated with imagination and dreams.

Turquoise: Associated with fate. Harmonizes and protects; helps to recognize cause of emotions.



Ulexite: Increases focus and attention.  Helps to energize the physical body when great exertion is needed. Reacts with the nervous system to produce a calm, relaxing feeling and decrease hyperactivity. 

Unakite: Activates mobility for those with distinct goals. Balances “over active” will.



Variscite: Eases restlessness; strengthens the heart center and promotes courage, virtue, self-reliance and success.



Wulfenite: Helps recognize tension patterns and aid in releasing toxins from the physical body. Promotes connection to nature and increases energy.



Zebra Stone: Associated with self-liberation, helps to overcome resignation.