Consignment at Crystal Joys

Interested in selling your handcrafted artisanal products at Crystal Joys?  Showcase your work in up to seven downtown locations! Get your product seen by thousands of customers shopping in our physical retail locations each month.

Step 1: Complete this form and upload your items for review. Crystal Joys will review your submission and respond to you within 30 days with next steps, if approved.

Step 2: Establish an agreement with Crystal Joys:

  • We will establish a SKU/barcode for your product to track sales of product

Step 3: Once approved with an agreement then you will send your items in and we will get them on the floor in front of our customers

Step 4: You will receive an account in our consignment portal where you can see items sold in "real-time". We will send you a check for your % of the sales each month of the sold items (50% of the net sale).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Crystal Joys will provide the following to assist Consignors in selling merchandise within our store branding:

    • A custom wooden displays or other appropriate display that fits within Crystal Joys branding. If a Consignor would like to use their own display, they can submit it for approval/consideration.
    • A Consignor may use their own cardstock. If not available, Crystal Joys will use store cardstock to display the items if needed.
    • Crystal Joys will provide chains to hang necklaces for display purposes, if needed.
    • High Quality pictures of the items for purposes of inventory and marketing
    • Labels and SKUs for each product that will be adhered to the cardstock, if available
    • Crystal Joys may, at times, create an additional informational display featuring the business/items.
  • How often will I be paid? Answer: Our Consignors are paid monthly through our Consignment Web Portal.
  • How do I know when products are sold? Answer: In the CJ Consignment Portal, our Consignors can see when their products are sold in "real time" as well as their projected monthly payout.
  • Do I need to provide my own pictures? Answer: If available, consignor should submit high res 1080px by 1080px pictures of their product. If this is not available, Crystal Joys will take high quality pictures of the product for inventory and sales purposes.
  • Can a Consignor hand deliver items to a store vs. shipping them?Answer: Yes, you may hand deliver your products to the designated store.
  • How is pricing determined? Answer: Crystal Joys will use the Consignor's designated pricing 
  • Can a Consignor advertise their own business? Answer: Yes, Consignors are welcome to advertise on their cardstock if it fits within our current displays.
  • Can a Consignor sell at other shops or this an exclusive contract? Answer: This is not an exclusive contract and Consignors can sell wherever they choose to.
  • Can a Consignor submit items that do not have gemstones?  Answer: Yes, a Consignor can submit any item for review, though know that we are most likely to accept items with authentic gemstones, crystals, minerals, or metaphysically related.
    • Can I use fake gemstones/beads in my products? Answer: No, all products that include gemstones must be with authentic gemstones.
    • Will Crystal Joys consign my rock collection? Answer: We will review single submissions for specimens and statement pieces.  We are most likely to accept items that are large in size, contain unique elements, and are items that we do not already carry in our stores.
    • What kind of metals can I use? Answer: If you are making earrings then the ear wire should be sterling silver or gold-filled when possible. Otherwise, all metals should be lead/nickel-free and the type of metal (plated, brass, copper, etc.) should be indicated in the description.
    • Can I choose which stores to feature my items? Answer: You can indicate your preference, though Crystal Joys reserves the right to determine which store(s) to sell the product in based on needs of business/type of product/shelf space, etc.