Kid Activities








Kids Love Crystals!   

Bring your kids into Crystal Joys for some educational fun.  Fun things to do  at Crystal Joys:

1) Visit the Crystal Quarry and build your own rock bag!

kid rock bags at Crystal Joys

2) Shop our Kid Collection online or in-store

3) Explore the Magnetite Ellipticals and how they interact with each other as      fidgets or jewelry!

magnetitc hematite - fun for kids

4) Check out our fossil collection.

5) Shop our shark teeth and find a necklace

6) Read one of our many books about geology and kid rocks

7) Choose a "break your own geode" to crack open

8) Participate in the kid scavenger hunt and enter to win a monthly prize

9) Find a  Handmade Lucky Troll Necklace for you and your bestie

10) Find a "Blooming Rock" for your next science experiment

11) Shiva Lingam Necklaces are a great way to balance and connect.

12) Pick up a Mineral or Fossil Bag, or maybe both!

13) Grab a pair of our Handmade  Gemstone Animal Earrings!

14)  Find your favorite Unicorn.

15) Like to color?  Be sure to look over our Fossils-Kids Coloring Book.

16) Pick out you favorite Gemstone Bottle.

17) Do you need a new key chain? Check out our Aura Point Key Chains.

18) Pick up a piece of Titanium Quartz!

19)  Update your summer look with a Quartz Crystal Point Crescent Moon Decorative Hair Pin