Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month. Each stone has a unique meaning and color. It is thought that wearing a gemstone in the assigned months, provides benefits such as spiritual healing, and warding off evil spirits.

   Back in ancient times, color was the most crucial feature of a gemstone. knowing the difference between the gems, was not a concern. For example, they did not understand the difference between a Ruby and a Garnet.  There were many disagreements during this time, over which stones should be represented in a calendar month. In 1912 the official list of stones was given for each month. Over time, more and more modifications have been made, and as of October 2002, we now have months with multiple birthstones. 

Here is a current list of the months of the year, with there designated gemstones and color:

  Garnet which is red. Is the most accepted birthstone for January. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate. The crystals of the stone resemble the reddish color and the seed-like form of the pomegranate fruit.

 Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and its color is purple. Amethysts are made from the 2nd largest mineral that is found in the crust of the earth, the quartz. Geodes are often lined with quartz and will sometimes contain amethyst as well

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine. These stones will come in colors from deep blues to bluish/greenish. The most common color is light blue. The difference in colors is caused by traces of iron, that is found in a beryl crystal. 

 Diamonds and Clear Quartz are the Birthstones for April. Diamonds and Quartz, are known to be clear or white but can come in a ray of colors.

May birthstone color is green, and the stone is known as an Emerald. Emerald is a part of the beryl family, which includes morganite, heliodor, and aquamarine. Emeralds can come in a light or a deep green.

The month of June has three birthstones associated with it, Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. The most common birthstone associated with this month is a pearl, making the color for June’s birthstone white.

July’s Birthstone is Ruby. This stone’s color is pink, to a blood-red colored gemstone. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide).

August has two Birthstones. Sardonyx and peridot. The most common gemstone is peridot. Peridots are a deep green color, that can easily be mistaken for an emerald to the naked eye.

September’s gemstone color is deep blue. This deep blue gemstone is known as a Sapphire.   Sapphires, are often blue in color, ranging from pale blues to extremely dark indigos. 

October’s Birthstone colors come in multiple colors. These stones are Opal and Tourmaline    Opal is the more common birthstone associated with the month of October.

November’s birthstone is Topaz. The color is usually light to dark yellow, but pure topaz is a colorless stone. The red and pink topaz gets their color from chromium. 

December’s birthstone color is light blue. Blue Zircon and turquoise, are the gemstones for December. Turquoise though is the most common birthstone for this month.