Born to Shine: August's Birthstone

Peridot Faceted Sterling Silver Slider Necklace

If you are someone who is born in August, you were no doubt born to shine! It is fitting that your birthstone, Peridot, was viewed as a symbol of the sun in ancient times. Peridot is a lovely little green stone that packs a punch. It is a variety of Olivine and is often found growing on Basalt, usually in small, prismatic clusters. However, there are records of large masses of Peridot that have been found. It is thought that the first initial mention of Peridot dates back to around 300 B.C. Since then, it has been found all over the world, in places such as China, Brazil, Mexico, and even Australia! Peridot has also been found in meteorites, making this a stone that comes from the stars.

Peridot can have an extensive shade range, from a muted olive color all the way to a vibrant lime green. The green ray of peridot resonates with the heart chakra, and peridot itself stimulates change between the heart and personal will. Other spiritual benefits of peridot are removing negative emotions, raising internal vibrations and confidence, and allowing you to become more emotionally independent. Peridot can also bring abundance in all areas of life, physical and spiritual alike. On the physical level, peridot is thought to support the heart and circulatory system, and breaks damaging habits.

If green isn't your color, there's no need to worry. Spinel is an alternative birthstone for August that is also fit for royalty. This rare stone was coveted by royal families across the globe. In fact, The Crown Jewels in the United Kingdom feature two of the most famous pieces of Spinel in the world! First discovered in 1779, Spinel has since been found in Vietnam, Thailand, and Tanzania. Spinel also comes in a rainbow of shades, from red to blue to black. There have even been colorless Spinel crystals found.

Spinel is more than just a pretty stone, it is a stone of transformation! Interacting with Spinel can inspire self transformation, and aid in the overall flow of energy through the spiritual and physical body. It heightens mental awareness, allowing the user to identify and work through emotions they may have suppressed. It can also assist in dispelling negative thoughts, and helps one to release their past and move forward on their higher path. On a physical level, Spinel can quiet anxiety and lift heavy emotional burdens. It is also thought to help to overcome fatigue, trauma, and illness. 

Both Peridot and Spinel have a vibrant energy, making them an ideal choice for an August birthstone. Whether you prefer the little green powerhouse that is Peridot, or you choose to transform yourself with the rainbow of Spinel, you're sure to find a stone that resonates!