Crystal Shapes: Which one is right for you?

Various Crystals and Shapes

Have you ever been browsing a crystal shop and found yourself curious about all of the shapes you see around you? Maybe you've wondered how they’re supposed to be used, or maybe you felt overwhelmed trying to choose one. You're not alone. Let's take a look at a few of the shapes stones are carved into and their properties!

Maybe your goal is to find something that emits a gentle strength and brings a harmonious effect to your space. A sphere is what you need. Spheres represent the circle of life, showing how all things are connected. Placing them in the center of the room will certainly pull the area together. Eggs are another wonderful option if you are attempting to bring harmony to your space and remove imbalances. Eggs feel similar in power to spheres, pushing energy out in all directions, with a slightly stronger emittance at the top. Eggs represent transformation and are thought to aid the user in uncovering repressed emotions or hidden energies in the space. Hold an egg in both hands while meditating to bring a cohesive manfiestion about. 

If directing energy is more up your alley, consider a carved point. Points push energy up and out, sending your manifestations into the universe. If you have a particular goal in mind, set your intention into the point, and allow it to carry that intention upward. If you're looking to boost your manifestation power while staying grounded, place a crystal pyramid in your home. Pyramids represent the ultimate balance, which may aid in connecting all chakras, from the crown chakra to the root chakra. With a pyramid, it is believed you can achieve perfect spiritual equilibrium and give your manifestations weight.  

Another option for directing energy are wandsWands make a wonderful addition to any healing crystal collection. Wands are often used by Reki healers and other practitioners to move energy through a room or through the body. They are also thought to collect negative energy and transmute it into the energy of whatever crystal they're made from. For example, if the wand is made from rose quartz, you can expect a soothing and gentle feeling to sweep over the body

Perhaps being grounded and stable appeals to you, or maybe you experience a lot of anxiety during day to day activities. If that is the case, a crystal cube could be helpful. Cubes are a powerful grounding shape and might aid in sealing and protecting whatever they are around. Place cubes around your home to establish a protective barrier, or mediate with one to take root to the earth. Another shape to consider is a worry stone, or a palm stone. Usually a compact size, they are easy to slip into a pocket or a bag, and fit comfortably in a hand. Hold them during meditation, or while waiting in line at the grocery store for a boost of healing energy. Depending on what you wish to accomplish, you can get worry stones in crystals that match your intentions. For example, an amethyst worry stone can help the user manage anxiety and think more clearly. 

These are not all the shapes that stones come in, but this is just a few of the most common ones that you can find. Don't be afraid to experiment, and combine shapes during meditation or healing sessions. You can even try placing these shapes into crystal grids for the perfect conjunction of energy. No matter what your goal is, you're sure to find a shape that aids you in your journey.