Crystals and Your Garden!

Crystals and Your Garden!

Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby, and typically those who are successful in the garden have been touted to have a "green thumb." However, not all of us can be so gifted. If you're someone who loves crystals, you've probably wondered if any of the stones that help you could help your plants. The answer is yes! Mixing crystals into your garden and can give your green thumb, (or lack of one) a bit of a boost! 

If your plants keep wilting, or seem to be overcome with pesky critters and disease, there are a few stones you may consider popping into their garden pots. Black stones like Onyx and Obsidian are naturally protective stones, but they have also been rumored to confuse and deter pests! Clear quartz, the all purpose healer, is thought to do exactly that for your sweet sprouts. It’s thought to aid in promoting overall health for the plant and fortify it against pests and disease. If you're looking for stones that are pretty as well as helpful, perhaps Amethyst or Rose Quartz is the stone you could place  in the soil. Both of these stones are said to bring a gentle, healing energy to sick plants, while providing a serene energy for the gardener as well. 

If  your garden plot is the picture of health, maybe you are seeking to feel more connected to the plants themselves. Moss Agate, sometimes referred to as the "gardener's stone" can do just that. Wearing this stone while you work, or placing it in the earth with your plant can provide a balancing energy and increase its growth rate. Citrine is another wonderful option, as it brings the healing energy of the sun with it. It is also beneficial for the gardener, radiating a cheerful and positive energy. 

Maybe you've already connected thoroughly with your plants, and eradicated the blights from your garden, but you've noticed your harvest isn't as fruitful as it could be. If that is the case, then Peridot is the stone for you! Peridot is thought to increase the fertility level of the soil and ensure that when the time to harvest has come, it will be a prosperous one. Green Aventurine is another potential option for increasing plant growth, and it might help young plants take root. It might also be a valuable ally against root rot. If your plants are healthier when they are younger, you're almost guaranteed a bountiful harvest! 

No matter what the case may be, every gardener could benefit from incorporating a few stones into their oasis. These stones will not only help your plants, they will aid in providing an enriching atmosphere for you as well. Make a relaxing hobby even more serene, and add a few stones to your garden! Your plants and your body will thank you!