Crystals to Support those with Cancer

Crystals for Cancer Patients

Crystals for Cancer Patients

**disclaimer: always consult your medical doctor for professional advice**

Crystal healing dates back all the way to Ancient Sumerian times, as early as 4000 BCE. They were commonly used for protection, health, and cosmetic purposes and have been said to help relieve pain, prevent illness, and slow down the spread of cancerous cells within the body. Crystals are still being used for these wonderful benefits. 

The question is, which crystals help the most with these issues, and which ones are the best fit for patients fighting cancer/illness?

Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for bringing luck and mental courage. This stone may help bring courage and strength needed to fight through a serious illness. Tiger’s eye is most known for helping those with lung cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of universal love. It promotes deep inner healing/peace, healthy relationships and self-love. This harmonious stone is most known for helping those with breast, heart, thymus, and lung cancer. 

Emerald is the stone of luck. It has been said that this crystal has the capability of speeding up the body’s healing process and fighting off cancerous cells. Emerald is most known for helping those with bladder and skin cancer.

Selenite is known for having strong cleansing properties. It is thought to calm irritation, aid in deep understanding, and protect against loss of control. This stone is great for meditation and cleansing other stones. Selenit is most known for helping to detoxify and strengthen the body’s immune system, which can be beneficial for any illness.

Fluorite is a stone that is known for enhancing spiritual visions, self confidence, absorbing negative energy and replacing it with positive. Since this stone is said to forbid bad energy from entering the body, it has the potential to slow down the spread of cancerous cells in the body. This stone is most known for healing those with prostate and ovarian cancer.

Citrine is said to give courage to face life's challenges, release negative traits, depression, fears and phobias. This stone also has restorative properties and is said to soothe and calm nerves, making this a great crystal for those with any sort of illness.

Crystals are a great way to add some extra positivity, faith and hope into your life. For those who are going through a difficult journey with cancer, using the healing properties of crystals could provide extra strength, courage and peace while on the journey to beating the illness.