Different Colors for Different Seasons

Autumn is here! With its crisp temperatures, beautiful foliage, and abundant opportunities for fun gatherings and events, fall is many people’s favorite season. The seasonal transition from summer to autumn is reflected in our fashion, as we say goodbye to sleeveless tops and cropped pants and begin to welcome cozy scarves, knit caps, and boots into our wardrobe. However, the change from summer to fall attire doesn’t have to stop with comfortable sweaters and warm leggings. Here are some tips for transitioning your jewelry to reflect the season and complement what you’re wearing every day of the year.

Autumn- Falling leaves, apple cider, and crackling fires make people associate autumn with warm reds, oranges, and browns. A spectacular piece of jewelry, such as a brilliant yellow topaz pendant or a stunning pair of tiger’s eye earrings will give the final touch to your fashionable fall look while you sip that pumpkin spice latte!

Winter- Sparkling diamonds and light-blue semi-precious stones like topaz, opal, and aquamarine set the tone for winter, mimicking the frosty sparkle of the snow and icicles we associate with the season. Opt for whites, clears, and blues to dress up your winter wear and keep it from looking drab. After all, what’s winter without a little ice?

Spring- As the snow melts and the world begins to bloom again, what better way to welcome spring than with jewelry that evokes the feeling of new beginnings? Pastels, which have long been associated with Easter, can help accessorize that perfect spring garden party ensemble, while a dash of light green from semi-precious gems like peridot or agate can mirror the lush greenery that is beginning to explode all around you. It’s all about pinks, lavenders, light blues, and other cheery hues once spring has sprung!

Summer- The deep, quiet serenity of a perfect summer’s day can be beautifully reflected in your jewelry with jewel tones that mimic the ocean, the lush green landscapes, and the hot, intense sun. Turquoise is a fun, inexpensive stone that calls to mind the beauty of the desert, while a gorgeous green tsavorite garnet can easily be mistaken for an emerald, at a fraction of the price!

No matter how you choose to dress up your seasonal looks, it’s important to make sure your jewelry fits your personality, your taste, and your lifestyle. Get ready to make a fun fashion statement with jewelry that fits the season!