Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

Calling all Gems,

What month are you born? Chances are guaranteed that you have a birthstone! The allure of birthstone magic has dated back to well before modern times and our beloved gem craze.

By nature, gemstones are thought to hold metaphysical properties, bringing riches such as luck and loyalty to their wearer.

Rings are a chiq and powerful way to incorporate your birthstone into your daily outfits. Crystal joys offers an arrangement of beautiful birthstone rings just for you! Keep your gemstones close & your birthstone rings closer...

I’m sure you’re curious about the properties of your birthstone ring, so let’s get into it!

January: Garnet

Oh beautiful garnet with your deep mirage of class and color, we adore you. Our gemstone ring is the cover girl of class, this stone is so sophisticated! The Pharaoh's of Egypt were fascinated by this stone that represents the vitality of the human body from its deep red color, this stone is connected to the very systems that keep us alive. Garnet is typically deep red when polished, leaving it to look like our life substance, blood. Our rings are classic and clean.  

Not to get to gory, but it is absolutely glorious. Garnet has metaphysical properties that hold frequency of passion and self love, giving the wearer a depthy experience when adorned.

February: Amethyst 

The stone of healing. Amethyst is known for its pain relief properties, both mental and physical. Consistently having this stone on your finger will bring you plenty of good feels.  One of the modern world’s most recognizable stone, Amethyst is loved and cherished by many. This purple stone can become larger than some might think, some specimens are well over four feet (and we have some for sale in-store or online at *wink wink*). Amethyst comes in all shapes and sizes though, being one of the most versatile stones of them all.  Perfect for an everyday vibe to keep your body and mind in harmony, it’s not all calm though, amethyst is a legend for making its wearer more courageous. Our amethyst rings sparkle and shine in both raw and cut rings, there is something for everyone! Amethyst, we can’t wait to wear you.

March: Aquamarine

From sea to shining sea, and then everywhere else too, aquamarine is known for the  light ocean blue coloring we know and love. Thought to stimulate unity and purity, it was once believed to protect our sailors out at sea. Our aquamarine birthstone ring is a gem. It is no surprise that the zodiac sign that it is associated with is Pisces, the fish, for even the name gives away those H2O vibes. Aquamarine washes away stress and fear and replaces it with smooth flowing waves of energy, I feel more peaceful just thinking about it, why not wear it all the time? 

April: Diamond 

Spring babes, you all know how it is. That sweet relief of warmer weather has us rain showered and dripping  -  in diamonds.  The clearest of them all, we all know how much our society (and ourselves) idolize this beautiful stone. And who doesn’t love a nice diamond ring? Our birthstone rings at crystal joys fill ever diamond lover's dream.  One of the hardest gemstones in the world, it is tough, just like us I am talking to you, aries and taurus readers! Strong and beautiful, this stone curates inspiration and ingenuity, leaving its wearer at the top of their game. A traditional heart throb, us April babies love that this is our stone, it was clearly meant to be. 

May: Emerald

Green just like the grass we all love to see, Emerald is a deep green, just like parts of our sea. Hello mental clarity, the sun is our and our minds are aligned when we have this stunning stone by our sides. The wearer of our emerald birthstone rings will be rising up all May month  long. Emerald is known for the vibes of rebirth, allowing all of us to level up this upcoming spring season, happy birthday, May!  Emerald reminds us that what is meant to be will be, what is meant for us is already ours! 

June: Pearl

Is it just me or is the entire month of June just...classy? Mother of Pearl, the heiress of poise, this birthstone is all about wisdom, are you surprised? Pearl rings are the new pearl necklace, intended to be complimentary of course.  Pearls are thought to illuminate one’s best path, guiding humans for years to come. This is the stone of integrity, so wear it well, June child. This is the only birthstone that isn’t a mineral, stand out and show up, in pearls

July: Ruby

Rubies, gorgeous rubies. One of the rarest stones in the world, this gem is loved for its classic and timeless red shine. Our ruby birthstone rings are a classic way to rock this gemstone. Ruby is thought to stimulate the heart, bringing improved energy and motivation to anyone who is lucky enough to be around it. Creativity, loyalty, and trust all radiate from this gem, wear it wisely and it will treat you well. 

August: Peridot 

Peridot is delightful, peridot. Thought to be a stone that brings cheer, it resembles a lemony yellow or sunshine. Oh sweet august, the time of nostalgia we all know so well. Freedom is having a balanced body and mind, and peridot provides them both. Having a birthstone ring with Peridot is perfect for those august adventures, and such a cute sunny addition to any outfit! Stimulating good graces in relationships and a reflective mindset, peridot is the perfect stone to wear while we kiss our summer sun goodbye. 

September: Sapphire

Sapphire, the stone of wisdom and strength. Get ready for fall with this cool blue stone, resembling the night sky just before dawn. Our birthstone ring will cool down any outfit and make a statement in itself.  This stone brings concentration, perfect for preparing ourselves for the changing seasons. Allow yourself to reflect and recharge, this stone also helps you get into a deeper state of mind. Sapphire is beautifully known for its deep blue hue, being loved and enjoyed by many influential individuals. 

October: Pink Tourmaline

Ah, sweet relief. Pink Tourmaline is known to absorb the stressful or sad thoughts from whoever has it in their energy field and casts it away, make sure you wear your birthstone ring in any and all social situations for style and comfort of the mind. Tourmaline is an exploratory stone, moving  its way through various other minerals to ensure it makes an appearance, we are so grateful for the effort because this stone is a true gem. This stone is well known in folk medicine for its promotion for overall well being. 

November: Topaz

The color of this stone will warm you right up, the fiery orange provides every type of visual comfort. The Topaz birthstone ring will warm up any outfit with an elegant touch of dazzle. Topaz helps us direct our energy where it is needed most, allowing us to find abundance and generosity for this holiday season. This gem will light up your heart and bring you great vibes this month. 

December: Blue Topaz

It’s not over yet for Topaz, Blue Topaz this is. As the name states, this stone is a nice median blue, falling somewhere on the spectrum between sky and sea, this earthly stone is meant to promote grounding vibrations, giving a nice calm atmosphere to the mind and body. Wearing this gemstone ring will keep you calm, cool, and collected all December long (and all the other months, too!)

Hello again, fellow birthday havers - I want all of these rings now, do you?! Birthstone rings are such a great way to identify with certain gems and wear them all the time, giving each month, and every month,  a special vibe. Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs about our little world of gems, see you next time!