Unique Gifts for the Graduate

Unique Gifts for the Graduate

Graduation season is in full swing and if you are still looking for a great  gift for the graduate in your life, we have many options to choose from! Let’s explore some of the top gemstones and crystals to give as unique graduation gifts. Each stone has its own distinctive properties that can help enhance the lives of graduates in different ways. So whether you are looking for a way to wish your loved one good luck on their new journey or want to help them boost their career prospects, read on for some great suggestions!

Citrine is a beautiful option whether it be a piece of jewelry or a stand alone specimen. Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz that is thought to promote success and abundance. It’s also said to  help attract all the good things they desire. 

Tiger’s eye is a striking gemstone that comes in many colors.  Red tiger’s eye can increase one's courage and confidence. It is a great gift for graduates who may be feeling a little nervous about their new endeavors. Tiger’s eye can  help them stay grounded and focused so they can go after their goals with determination.  Each color of tiger’s eye has different metaphysical properties but all are exquisite to look at.

Turquoise had been said to boost communication and wisdom. It is the right choice for those who may need a little encouragement to help them communicate effectively and make intelligent choices. Turquoise ranges from opaque to semi-transparent and can be found in ranges of color—whitish blue to deep dark blue or deep dark green to a yellowish green.

Lapis lazuli is a gorgeous stone of deep rich blue and  is believed to promote truth and self-awareness. It is the perfect gift for graduates as it is thought to help them stay true to themselves and become more self-aware. 

Carnelian is a warm reddish gemstone that can be semi-opaque to translucent. This stone  is said to promote creativity and motivation. What a great gift to help any graduate tap into their creative potential and stay motivated!

Giving a gemstone or crystal as a graduation gift is a unique and thoughtful way to show your support and love for the graduate in your life. Each gemstone has its own special meaning and purpose, so choose one that you feel will resonate with the graduate's journey.