Help the Home Team: Good Luck Crystals for Game Day

Are you ready for some football? Fall is here and it’s time to root for the home team as they try to make it to the big game in February! Besides cheering for them from the comfort of your living room armchair, wouldn’t it be great if there were something you could do to bring your favorite sports team luck this season? Since many pro football players are quite superstitious and believe in the power of good luck totems, we thought we’d clue you in on a few crystals that are said to bring luck and prosperity to those who possess them.

Tiger’s Eye- In addition to having one of the most sports-friendly sounding names in the crystal world, tiger’s eye holds special significance as a lucky stone. This semi-precious stone is associated with protection and healing- two things football players need a lot of when they’re running the ball into the end zone!

Rose Quartz- Who says pink isn’t a football color? This beautiful rose-colored stone is known as a stone of the heart, and carries with it a feminine, healing energy full of compassion, love, and nurturing. Even a tough guy needs a little TLC every now and then. Keeping a rose quartz stone handy during a big game could help bring a little spiritual nourishment at key moments.

Citrine- The radiant yellow-gold of this semi-precious gem evokes feelings of power and energy, which can come in handy during a game. The fan who carries citrine may enjoy the chakra-balancing properties of the stone, and even find that his physical strength improves as a result.

Rhodonite- Is your favorite team in the middle of a rough season? Rhodonite could be the ideal stone for a fan whose team is in a bit of a slump. The semi-precious crystal is said to help clear away past scars and wounds, both physical and emotional, providing its owner with the clarity and balance to make a bad situation better. If the chips are down at halftime, a little rhodonite could go a long way!

Healing crystals can benefit fans by filling them with the positive energy they need to win big, but they can also bring balance, love, and light to your life. By surrounding yourself with the healing properties of crystals, you can make a big difference in how you view the world, which can lead to wonderful opportunities, boundless energy, and joy in all you do. Learn more today about crystals and how they can help you live your best life.