How Birthstones Work

How Birthstones Work

Greetings again, Crystal Joys readers! 

Gemstones are semi precious stones that are known to have beneficial properties spanning from anxiety relief to love giving us a natural way to level up our lives. 

You may now be wondering how birthstones work and we are delighted to tell you all about it

Each month has a paired gemstone or two that is unique to them, known as birthstones. But who chose what gems belonged to each month? 

Originally, birthstones were affiliated with each zodiac sign rather than by the month, but by the 18th century every month was assigned its very own gemstone(s), later known as a birthstone. 

The selection of which stone accompanies each month has been traced back to biblical times. Each month was thought to represent the twelve houses, and each stone was associated with a house...thus birthing - birthstones. 

Some months have more than one birthstone, June has three! This is both due to the traditional (zodiac) birthstone chart and the modern (monthly) chart both being part of the present day trend. 

Choose your fancy of traditional or modern birthstones based on your taste and beliefs. Some people identify with both versions of the birthstone chart, monthly or zodiac, we love our gems equally! 

Each stone has a unique frequency that stimulates and interacts with various energy centers in the body to promote well being and clarity. 

Do you want to know which stone is aligned with your birth month? 

Learn all about the healing properties of each birthstone and how you can wear or gift them this holiday season by visiting our Birthstone section online at

Birthstones are a lovely way to customize your gift and bring a classic, historically backed, and gorgeous...I mean come on have you seen our rings? Or pick up a rough stone to carry in your pocket to bring the good vibes anywhere.