How to Care for Your Crystals

How to Care for Your Crystals

How to Care for Your Crystals

Many people enjoy owning crystals for the positive energies they carry. What their owners often do not realize though, is that neglecting your crystal’s care can be detrimental to their energy levels over time. To keep your crystals in top-notch shape, you must regularly cleanse and program your crystals and store them properly. Learning how to care for your crystals can ensure you are able to receive all of the benefits for the mind, body, and soul that crystals are able to provide. 

Cleansing Your Crystals 

Cleansing your crystals is an important and easy way to maintain their energy. Though simple to cleanse, not all stones are to be cleansed the same way. While stones like rose quartz and citrine are best cleansed by the sunlight, other crystals such as a carnelian should be cleansed with water. Educating yourself on what kinds of crystals you own and how to best clean them is the first step in adequately caring for your crystals.

There are a number of different ways to cleanse your crystals and many you can easily do at home. Healthline provides an in-depth look at specific ways to cleanse your crystals. While not all of the cleansing recommendations listed are possible at home, they can still give you a good place to start. 

Easy Crystal Cleansing Techniques

Using running water is a simple yet effective way crystal owners should cleanse their stones. By rinsing each of your stones for 1 minute under the faucet you can neutralize any negative energy your stones may be storing and return it back to its natural healing state. Another way to cleanse your crystals is by using sage. Smudge and rub your crystal into sage by an open window. This will allow the negative energy to be rubbed off by the sage. You can then ignite the sage and hold the crystal in your hand and slowly move it over the flame. Other crystal cleansing techniques include using natural light (sunlight or moonlight), saltwater, breath, and visualization. 

While some crystal cleansing methods may be more difficult than others, the benefits are certainly worth the trouble. To see 3 more in-depth ways to clean your crystals, read our last blog post, “3 Crucial Ways to Charge your Crystals.”


Programming Crystals 

One of the most detrimental things you can do to your crystals is to let them sit alone on the shelf. By sitting alone and not being used they will collect dust and negative energy. Many don’t know that crystals can actually be programmed for a specific purpose, and even re-programmed if that energy is lost from dis-use. 


How to Program a Crystal

To program a crystal, first choose what crystal you would like to use and for what purpose. For example, if you want to work on stability, working with an agate crystal would be appropriate. Then, hold your crystal to your heart for a few seconds, then move it to your third, or mind’s, eye. Stay focused, quiet and calm and with a clear mind, while the crystal is held up to your third eye. Image the task or emotion projected into the crystal. Imagine this until your heart, mind, and crystal feel linked together. To finalize the programming, state your emotion aloud that you tasked to the crystal. 

Your goal is to harness the energy of the crystal rather than forcing something that isn’t there. Choose the crystal you want to program wisely and utilize it to create more positive energy and necessary emotions and strength for your life. 

Crystal Joys provide a wide selection of crystals so you can make the best decision on what crystal you should be programming. With a number of different crystals harnessing different forces, Crystal Joys can help you select the best, most appropriate crystal for a task.


Proper Storage of Crystals

Another critical way to care for your crystals is by storing them correctly. Crystals that are not stored correctly collect and create negative energy. Proper storage is an extremely easy way to care for them. By simply locating them and placing them in healthier more ventilated locations, your crystals will have the ability to maintain better/ more positive energy. 

Best Ways to Store Your Crystals

Location is everything. You want to store your crystals in dry, clean, enriching locations. Dust, moisture, and even salt air can damage certain crystals. Because crystals range in energy, you’ll want to keep them separated based on their ideal locations. A good rule of thumb is to consider what method you cleanse your crystal with. If that particular crystal is cleansed by soil, try to store it near plant life. If that crystal is cleansed with running water, ideally you could store it near a water source. 

 Proper Care for Your Crystals

Although it can take some time and effort, it is certainly worth it to care for your crystals properly. In order to get the utmost benefits from the use of your crystals, ensure you are cleansing them often, know how to re/program them, and can store them properly. Don’t let your crystals sit unused on a shelf. Keep them healthy and functioning and in regular use for optimal wellness.