March Birthstone

March Birthstone

   Is your birthday in March? If so, your birth month has two birthstones, Aquamarine, the modern birthstone, and Bloodstone the more traditional birthstone.

Both are amazing stones, and both are so different at the same time!

What is Aquamarine?

 Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that comes from the Latin word “ocean water. A perfect name for this blue to a blue-green-colored gem, right!?

Did you know that centuries ago, sailors thought that this precious stone came from a mermaid's treasure chest? These sailors thought that having this stone would bring them good luck while at sea. 

What are the benefits of Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is thought to be a “stone of courage and protection.” Its calming energies help reduce stress and quiet the mind. (We could all use a bit of that right now!) This gem is also associated with the throat chakra, so it’s great for meditating. It is thought to shield the aura and align all the chakras.

Where is Aquamarine Found?

Aquamarine can be found in rivers and mountains all over the world. They tend to be found mostly in Brazil, the Middle East, and the United States.  In 1910, the largest aquamarine was discovered in Brazil and it weighed 243 pounds!

What is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a variety of jasper that is dark green in color and has red spots all over it that look like blood. (Now you know why it’s called Bloodstone!) This stone is also known as Heliotrope, an ancient Greek word that means “to turn the sun” The ancient Greeks believed during this time that these minerals reflected light and that the sun would turn red if this stone was submerged in water. Neat, right? 

What are the benefits of Bloodstone?

Today Bloodstone is thought to cleanse energy, help in purification, and bring peace. Bloodstone is also associated with the root chakra, is very grounding, and has the ability to rid off negative energy.

Where is Bloodstone found?

Bloodstone can be found embedded in rocks or riverbeds as pebbles in India, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Why do we have modern and traditional birthstones?

Traditional birthstones were created in the 16th century in Poland. The Polish-made a list of birthstones that were popular, affordable, and that they believed were an excellent match for each month of the year. Bloodstone was the choice for March due to its spiritual powers and long history. 

Then, in 1912, the National Association of Jewelry decided to add to the traditional birthstone list, to make it more “modern." (Even as of today they keep adding to this list.) These modern gemstones include gems that are easily faceted and transparent to make jewelry making easier and more desirable to the public. So, they decided to upgrade the March birthstone from the opaque gemstone (which doesn’t allow any light) to a more transparent gem, Aquamarine.

I hope that this blog helped answer some of the questions you may have had about March's birthstones. If you enjoyed reading about our different birthstones and benefits, feel free to browse the rest of our birthstone collection on our main page at


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