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June 01, 2021


Septarian, also known as the Dragon stone, is a powerful grounding stone that is known to awaken ones’ connection to Mother Earth and to gain the energy she provides. It captures the viewers attention with its turtle like patterns and its tri color concretion composed of Aragonite, Calcite, and Limestone. The combination of these 3 powerful minerals will help in the realignment of ones’ chakra column and when working with this stone, it is best used to activate the root chakra.  

It is also known as a healing stone that one may experience an “inner awakening” when connecting with this stone. It can be used for new habits to replace old ones and known to help anyone going through drastic change in life. Septarian is used to repair the emotional body and aid in lingering trauma and can provide a protective shield that will help one slowly heal from the inside out.

Septarian will also help enhance ones’ memories, dreams and provide a vividness one has yet to experience. It is the ideal stone to work within relationships and office projects since it can give clarity, vitality and creativity. It can bring feelings of happiness and understanding and increase communication skills.

The cracks or cavities found to identify the Septarian stone is formed from the unique mineral around 50 to 70 million years ago during Earth’s Cretaceous Period that was produced by massive volcanic eruptions. Similar to how fossils became to be, overtime as sea life began to die, their chemical composition became enriched in sedimentary rock forming the nodules we see today. As oceans began to recede around the world, the water within soon dried out and massive cracks formed internally. The chemicals within the dead sea life eventually crystallized and formed Aragonite “crusts” and drusy Calcite crystals. Most Septarian are found along the Gulf of Mexico, Utah, and as well as Madagascar, where water levels similarly receded which was under very similar conditions during that time period.