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The Benefits of Selenite

February 02, 2021

The Benefits of Selenite

The Benefits of Selenite

 The Selenite crystal is known for its purification, clearing, calming, and positive energy. When I first encountered Selenite, I didn’t think much of it.  It is the same mineral as gypsum. My first thought was, drywall, really?   But upon further research and use of the crystal in my personal life, it has become one of my favorite crystals.   The beautiful white appearance of Selenite is instantly calming.  Selenite has a very high vibration allowing for calming and uplifting one’s mood.  Many carry a Selenite Nugget in their pocket or wear a Selenite Pendant or necklace to help keep anxiety at bay.  Selenite bracelets are also a great way to get the healing benefits of this amazing crystal.The healing properties of Selenite crystals are used in several spiritual and energetic practices like meditation, reiki, breathwork, and yoga.    

 Selenite is found on every continent.  The majority of Selenite that we see in crystal shops and online comes from Morocco or Mexico.  Satin Spar, Gypsum Flower, and Gypsum Rose, and Desert Rose are some crystal varieties of Selenite. The Oklahoma Desert Rose , found in the southern United States, mimics tiny orange rose blossoms.  The benefits of the different forms are the  Selenite not only has a powerful effect on uplifting your spirits it is also a natural cleansing crystal.  Whether you use it to cleanse your space,  yourself, or your other crystals, the high vibration of Selenite is ideal for removing unwanted, negative energy and replacing it with light and positive energy.    

Selenite is a soft form of crystal and scratches and flakes very easily, so be gentle. Selenite is also self-charging, meaning it generally doesn’t require cleansing and charging.  It is very useful for charging and cleansing your other crystals. However, it is a good idea to brighten that energy from time to time. Being a soft crystal, Selenite does not like water so It is best to cleanse your Selenite by smudging with sage or by setting it in a window overnight during the full moon to remove any lingering negative energies. 

There are many Selenite products on the market and have different uses. The soft glow of a Selenite lamp is very comforting. You can use a charging plate or bowl to place your other crystals on to cleanse and keep them charged.    I keep my gemstone rings and my crystals in Selenite bowls. Selenite wands are also great for cleansing yourself and your home.  At Crystal Joys we have a variety of items made from Selenite. Some of the selenite that we have includes jewelry, Selenite bowls, towers in various sizes, lamps in various sizes, and wands.

Selenite is a must-have in your crystal collection for the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear, cleanse, and uplift yourself and your personal space.