Types of Gemstones

Types of Gemstones

   Hello Gem lovers!

Have you ever wondered what type of gemstones we have in the world? Or why some gemstones are so expensive? I have the answers for you! 

Our planet has over 5,000 identified minerals and rocks and only about 200 of them are able to be shaped into gemstones. Gemstones are minerals or rocks tough enough to be cut and polished for jewelry making. Keep in mind Crystal Joys specializes in loose natural gemstones and gemstone jewelry. Wink.. wink!

Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes,  but some gemstones are rarer than others. The rarer the stone is the more it will continue to go up in value. 

Here is a list of some of the rarest stones from all around the world:


Opal (Australia)

Jade (China)

Emeralds (Columbia)

Rubys (Sri Lanka)

Tanzanite (Tanzania)

Ammolite  (North America)

Colored diamonds (Australia)

The number one rarest type of gemstone in the world is painite. Painite is a  borate mineral that is dark red in color. The first painite specimen was discovered in Myanmar by a British gemologist in 1951. The gemologist first thought that this painite gemstone was a ruby because painite crystals are partly reformed to a crust-like small pink crystal that looks a lot like a red ruby. After researching this one of a kind gem, he quickly realized that he misidentified it. 

Painite contains the chemical elements zirconium and boron, which do not normally associate with each other in nature and don't exist together in any other mineral. Indicating that this gemstone was definitely not a ruby. Painite was then recognized as a new mineral in 1957. 

 Fast forward to  2001 only three painite crystals existed. As of today, there have been many discoveries but out of the thousands found very few are able to be easily faceted making this gemstone very rare and expensive. This gemstone is valued today at a whopping  $60,000 per carat.

Other gemstones that are known for holding their value are Precious Gemstones. These gemstones are known for their durability, rarity, size, beauty, and color. These top four gemstones are the most valuable and desired gemstones in the world  Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds.

 It is truly amazing how many different types of gemstones there are in the world. If you are interested in learning more about these beautiful gemstones, keep in mind we have a wide selection of these gemstones and gemstone jewelry in-store or online at crystaljoys.com


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