What is the Most Powerful Crystal in the World

What is the Most Powerful Crystal in the World

                           What is the most powerful crystal in the world?

            There is more to power than meets the eye, and this is especially true when it comes to crystals. Most people think that the largest, flashiest crystals are the ones the hold the most “power”. However, power is a subjective concept. Power doesn’t always mean what we think it means.

            When asked what the most powerful crystal is, most people who are well versed in the world of healing crystals will automatically say Moldavite, a trendy tektite that’s caused quite a stir over the last year on most social media platforms. While Moldvaite does certainly hold a significant amount of power, I personally have a different method of measuring the power of a Crystal.

            There’s actually scientific backing when it comes to “power” or “energy” generated by a crystal. A few of the ways these stones generate power are piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, and triboluminescence. Piezoelectricity is a stone’s ability to produce voltage when put under pressure. Some types of crystals that do this are quartz, topaz, and any type of Tourmaline. Pyroelectricity is the ability of a crystal to create voltage when heated or cooled. Quartz is once again a type of stone with this ability, as well as Tourmaline. Finally, triboluminescence is the ability of a crystal to produce light when struck! This means that it produces light on the inside as well as the outside of the stone. Crystals that can do this are Quartz, Diamond, and Fluorite. 

            Have you noticed a common theme so far? Quartz possesses all three of these properties. That includes all forms of Quartz, not just clear. So Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz all have these abilities, just to name a few. Clear Quartz is an incredibly vertical stone, able to connect with all chakras, assists in any kind of spiritual work, amplifies your intentions, and purifies and cleanses the physical and energetic bodies. It is one of the few crystals I would describe as “One size fits all.”

            Overall, the power a stone possess is always determined by the one that wields it. A crystal can never do more than what you put into it. Some people rely more of the metaphysical properties of a stone rather than the scientific traits to determine the power level of a crystal. Moldavite is wonderfully powerful in its own respect, though many people have had a strong reaction to the stone and have steered away from its use due to the unpleasant experience. That is why, with Clear Quartz being thought of as the master healer, and all forms of quartz being easy to find, I personally feel that Quartz is one the most powerful stones in the world. It pairs well with just about any stone, and is equally wonderful on its own. And remember, just because a stone is large, flashy, or trendy, doses mean that its power is right for you! Always do your research and trust your gut when you work with your healing stones!