Where to Buy Birthstones!

Where to Buy Birthstones!

Where to Buy Birthstones 

   Birthstones are stones that represent each month of the year. Each stone has its own purpose and significance. The stones are picked for months based on the Zodiac sign and those signs behaviors. These stones come in many different shapes and varieties. Today you will see birthstones in rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Birthstones have been used since ancient times and were believed to bring good luck and fortune. Check below to find out which Birthstone is yours!

January- Garnet

February- Amethyst

March- Aquamarine/Bloodstone

April- Diamond/ Quartz

May- Emerald/Agate

June-Moonstone/ Pearl

July- Ruby


September- Sapphire/ Lapis 

October- Opal/ Tourmaline

November- Citrine/ Topaz

December- Turquoise/ Tanzanite 

Where can I get these stones?

   Great question! Crystal Joys has a huge variety of stones at all our locations and online. Everything is alphabetically displayed in stores and online to help with your search to find the right stone for you. You can order online at www.crystaljoys.com or shop in person at any of our locations in Arvada CO, Fort Collins CO, Longmont CO, and Portland Maine

Where do these stones come from?

  Holistic stores typically get their crystals from direct rock suppliers. Each stone is different when it comes to where the stone originates from and bought. Stones like Agate or Amethyst can be found and purchased in Brazil which is where they are originally from. You can visit Uruguay, Australia, India, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, and some places in the USA to find this birthstone locally too. 

   At Crystal Joys we take the hard part out for you! We travel all over and visit different trade shows and events to buy the very best crystals. We love to build lasting relationships with our suppliers from all over the world.

  Crystal Joys is known for our unique selection of gemstones, home decor products, jewelry, and loose stones, each truly "one of a kind".  All products sold through Crystal Joys are authentic semi-precious natural stones and minerals. So you know you are getting the real deal!