Where to Find Gemstones

Where to Find Gemstones

  Since the dawn of time humanity has had a deep fascination with gemstones. Stones such as amethyst, turquoise, opal, and moonstone have been valued and sought after by many different peoples of the world. From rings, to pendants, to bracelets- gemstones are everywhere! But where do they come from? Today we try and answer a few questions most asked about where to find gemstones.

Where Are Gemstones Found?

  Approximately 3 to 25 miles under the earth is where most gemstones form. There are exceptions to this rule as diamond and peridot are both found much deeper. Due to how deep these gemstones form, mining for them can be a very tiring and time consuming process. Luckily you won’t need to go so far to find them because at Crystal Joy’s we have an impressive collection of gemstones right here!

Where can I dig for Gemstones near me?

  Digging for gemstones is a fun pastime and there are many places that are open to the public. A quick google search should bring up the closest one near you! There are also many resources and social clubs for the budding amateur geologist. Make sure and look one up near you!

Can I Dig For Gemstones In My Backyard?

  This is one of the most asked questions out there. Everyone wants to know if they can find valuable gemstones as close as their own backyard. Though you probably won’t find a diamond so close to the surface of the earth, there are a surprising amount of gemstones just waiting to be uncovered. Quartz is the most common of these and is found in different variants throughout most of the United States. Pure quartz has no color but you may find some yellow citrine or purple amethyst. Depending on where you are you may also find agate, jade, opal or garnet!

  Gemstones really are all around us. Happy hunting and, as always, Crystal Joy’s is here for all of your gemstone and crystal needs!