You got me all over BERYL!!

You got me all over BERYL!!

You Got Me All Over BERYL!

The beautiful greens, calming blues, sunny yellows, soft pinks, and rare but stunning reds of the Beryl Crystal family prove to be an impressive species of gemstones!  Beryl crystals commonly grow in a hexagonal form.  Raw, pure Beryl is naturally colorless.  All Beryl is considered precious.  The different and distinct colors of Beryl depend upon the impurities and elements present in the ground to give the different crystals their color.  

Everyone has heard of Emeralds, May’s birthstone.  Its shades can range from a soft, leaf-green to a deep, forest green. I can remember, as a child, getting the birthstone set for Christmas that included an “emerald-cut” ring and matching necklace. While it was man-made, of course, the genuine emerald is the most well-known crystal in the Beryl family.  The dark green shade of Emerald is the most desired and most expensive of the emeralds. Emeralds can be found in small amounts all around the world including Russia, Africa, and North America.  Approximately 90% of the world’s emeralds come from Columbia with Brazil and Zambia following close behind.  Known as the stone of Knowledge and truth, Emeralds were sought after by royalty. It was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone! Also known for its gift of youth, Egyptian mummies were buried with Emeralds to help bring the deceased eternal youth.  

Aquamarine is the sister stone to the Emerald.  Getting its name from the Latin words meaning “water of the sea”, this stone has been associated with sailors and sea travel for centuries. The calming blue color of Aquamarine reminds us of a calm, peaceful sea or a clear blue mountain lake.  Aquamarine is often carried by sailors for safe passage while at sea.  The folklore behind this watery gemstone is said to offer one protection on ocean travels. It is even referred to as the ‘Mermaid’s Stone” and the  “Treasure of Atlantis”.   Today Aquamarine is known for stirring feelings of Love, joy, and peace to the wearer.   A brilliant, faceted Aquamarine ring makes the perfect anniversary gift as it is said to lend aid to loving communications in one’s relationships.  Most Aquamarine is found and mined in parts of Pakistan, Africa, and Madagascar. The most brilliant blue stones are found in Brazil.  Aquamarine is also the state gemstone of Colorado. It can be found and mined in the mountains of Mount Antero and White Mountain in southwestern Colorado.  

The next in the lineup of the Beryl Family is Morganite.  Morganite gets its name from the financier and Gemstone collector J.P.Morgan whose collection is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.   Morganite is rarer than its cousins Emerald and Aquamarine. It is sometimes called the “Pink Emerald”.  Morganite is known as an “accessory” stone because it grows alongside other minerals in small deposits.  While Morganite is more rare than the other Beryl crystals, it is found in numerous locations throughout the world. The largest deposits are found in Madagascar and Brazil.  Deposits of Morganite are also found in California and Maine. Morganite is a transparent pink to a peach-colored crystal that is associated with innocence, unconditional love, and romance.  It has been gaining in popularity as an engagement or anniversary ring. It is a fairly sturdy stone which makes it a good alternative to the diamond as an engagement ring.  It also is more affordable than the traditional diamond.  Morganite is a very feminine stone said to give women feelings of strength and independence. 

Heliodor or Yellow Beryl is another member of the Beryl Crystal family.  It gets its yellow color from small amounts of iron. It gets its name from the Greek words meaning “gift from the sun”.  Heliodor is said to aid on with dealing with intense stress, especially to those balancing personal life and career. The beautiful yellow will help to brighten any mood and space.  The best specimens of Beryl are found in Brazil however it can also be found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and parts of Africa.  

The last and the rarest variety of the Beryl crystal family is Bixbite.  It is considered an exotic gem due to how rare it is to find a natural gem-quality specimen of Bixbite.  Bixbite ranges from a reddish-purple to a beautiful raspberry red getting its color naturally from manganese. It was first discovered in 1904 in Juab County, Utah.  It is said to be worth 1,000 more than gold due to how rare it is.  Today is only found in three locations in the world, two locations in Utah and one in New Mexico.  Bixbite is often lab-grown using the same minerals and chemicals found naturally in the gemstone however it is a long and tedious process and produces small amounts of the gemstone making it very expensive as well.  Bixbite is known as the “Right Time” crystal because it is said to help one determine when to take a risk. It is the stone of strength and stamina. 

Being such a diverse and colorful crystal family as the beryl family,  it is deserving of recognition.  While having several of the year’s birthstones in their family along with some of the rarest crystals in the world, it is no wonder that people are infatuated with these beautiful gem minerals. Stop by or shop online for