Handmade with Love - #2

Crystal Joys is filled with fun unique items. The best part of those unique items are the ones that are “Handmade with Love”. Knowing that you are buying a piece that was made in store by individuals who work hard to complete items they never thought they could make or complete, and giving them a sense of pride and ownership of their work is a great feeling. Each piece is indeed made with love, and each has its own unique touch.

 - Ashley



Handmade With Love:

All of the handmade items at Crystal Joys are crafted by our team of passionate workers. These items are a reflection of the joy we share being able to learn from one another through inclusion. This integration helps us create new items on a regular basis including jewelry, home goods, bath products, and art. Each item is not only made with the best of intentions, but with a greater purpose within our shared community. 


Our Promise:

  • Free Gift Wrapping
  • Free Jewelry Cleaning
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Unlimited Jewelry Repair on all of our Handmade Items


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