Handmade with Love

Crystal Joys is filled with fun unique items. The best part of those unique items are the ones that are “Handmade with Love”. Knowing that you are buying a piece that was made in store by individuals who work hard to complete items they never thought they could make or complete, and giving them a sense of pride and ownership of their work is a great feeling. Each piece is indeed made with love, and each has its own unique touch.

 - Ashley


Our Partnership:

Crystal Joys is one of numerous employment partners with Sample Supports that is centered around providing meaningful employment to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through this opportunity,  members of this community build self-esteem and learn valuable job skills, while earning a competitive wage.


 Work Environment:

The unique environment we provide in Crystal Joys gives us the ability to teach a wide-range of skill sets. Every goal is different and we strive to meet those goals no matter how big or small. Our employees are given a job coach to assist  with reaching their goals every step of the way. Individuals can learn all the aspects of working retail, creating products, and being a part of the local community. Being able to provide consistent employment for each individual in a safe work environment is imperative to the growth of each employee.


Handmade Items:

All handmade items at Crystal Joys are crafted by our team of passionate workers and is a reflection of the joy we share being able to learn and teach new skill sets. The empowerment of being involved with the community helps us to create new items on a regular base including jewelry, home goods, bath products, and art. Each item is not only made with the best intentions, but with a greater purpose within our shared community.  

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