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(over $40 in retail value product each month)


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Pretty Little Things

Simple and dainty natural gemstone jewelry and accessories that feature clean lines and simple designs. (Learn More)



Make A Statement

Bold and daring statement pieces that include chunky and edgy pieces. (Learn More)



Chakra Balancing

Jewelry and accessories with the 7 chakra intention stones intended to help balance your chakras through everyday use. (Learn More)






What will I receive?
Sign up for our monthly subscription and receive a box of hand-picked jewelry every month! Each box is over $40 in retail value, and shipments go out the first week of the month. 
What if I don't like the product?
There is no obligation to keep the products in the box you receive. If you don't like any piece you may send it back within 3 days to get a full refund.
Am I committed forever?
Though we are forever committed to you as our customer (xoxo), you can absolutely cancel your plan at any time in your account settings.  
Can I switch the plan I am on?
Of course!  You can start with one of the three plans below and if you want to make a change to a new plan you can start a new plan and cancel the old one.  Easy Schmeasy.

Gift a Plan! 

Do you know someone who would love to try a plan? This plan is specifically made for those who want to give the gift of Crystal Joys. The boxes could be from any of the plans above.