Aquamarine, Apatite, Fluorite Necklace 18”

Aquamarine, Apatite, Fluorite Necklace 18”

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Aquamarine, Apatite, and Fluourite 18" necklace is an exquisite combination of stones in stunning shades of blues and greens.  Simple enough to wear with jeans and a t-shirt yet classy enough for a night out on the town.

Aquamarine is a type of blue beryl and is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate. In the United States, aquamarines can be found at the summit of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range in central Colorado. Aquamarines metaphysically are thought to bestow perseverance, assist with foresight, and clear up confusion.

Apatite is often mistaken for other minerals. This tendency is reflected in the mineral's name, which is derived from the Greek word apatein, which means to deceive or mislead.  Metaphysically, Apatite is thought to assist in motivation, stamina, and communication.

Fluorite, also called fluorspar, is a calcium fluoride crystal with octahedral growth patterns. Fluorite comes in a variety of colors which include green, purple, white, yellow, red, pink and black. Fluorite has been found in the United States, Germany, China, and Argentina.  Fluorite is associated with clarity, mental enhancement, and improved decision making.  Fluorite is also thought to aid in reducing anxiety and confusion.

Each piece is similar, though no item at Crystal Joys Gallery is exactly the same as every item uses a unique stone is non-fabricated. Every item is a true "one-of-a-kind". Slight variations in color, size, and stone shape. 

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