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Blue Tiger's Eye with Copper-Plated Accents Unisex Bracelet - Artisan Made

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Blue Tiger's Eye with Copper-Plated Accents Unisex Bracelet, a harmonious blend of tranquil Blue Tiger's Eye and rustic Copper-Plated beads. This artisan-made bracelet elegantly marries the calming energy of the gemstone with the earthy allure of copper, resulting in an accessory that exudes both style and serenity.

Centered around the serene Blue Tiger's Eye beads, this bracelet showcases a soothing range of deep blues and subtle iridescent shades reminiscent of ocean depths. This gemstone is renowned for its ability to promote inner calm and alleviate stress, while enhancing communication and self-expression. The Blue Tiger's Eye beads gently guide you towards a place of tranquility and understanding, encouraging genuine interactions and thoughtful dialogue.

Interwoven among these gemstones are the Copper-Plated Accents, which infuse the design with a touch of rustic elegance. With warm reddish-brown tones, copper connects you to the earth's timeless beauty, and the copper-plated beads bridge the gap between the gemstone's peaceful energy and the natural charm of the elements.

The Blue Tiger's Eye with Copper-Plated Accents Unisex Bracelet offers an accessory that is as meaningful as it is stylish. Its stretchable construction ensures a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes, making it suitable for anyone seeking a balance between serenity and strength. As you wear this bracelet, let the tranquil energy of Blue Tiger's Eye and the grounded essence of copper guide you towards inner peace and authenticity, creating a connection to both the calming ocean and the earth's enduring beauty.

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