Brazilian Polished Quartz w/ Feather 3.75"

Brazilian Polished Quartz w/ Feather 3.75"

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Brazilian Polished Quartz with Feather is a natural mineral specimen that features a polished clear or milky white quartz crystal with a natural fracture that has a distinctive and unique feathery apperence that adds to the appeal of the piece. 

These specimens are found in various locations in Brazil, particularly in the state of Minas Gerais, where they are known for their high quality and beautiful appearance. The polished quartz with feather specimen are formed when a mineral inclusion is trapped inside the quartz crystal as it grows. Over time, the mineral inclusion may be weathered and eroded, leaving behind a shape that resembles a feather.

Brazilian Polished Quartz with Feather is a popular mineral specimen among collectors and is also utilized for decorative purposes. It is often utilized as a specimen for lapidary work such as polished points, clusters, and geodes. The specimen also believed to have healing properties, Clear Quartz is said to be a powerful healing stone, it can also help to balance energy and to enhance spiritual growth.

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