Bustamite-Broken Hill Australia 2" x 2"
Bustamite-Broken Hill Australia 2" x 2"

Bustamite-Broken Hill Australia 2" x 2"

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Bustamite is a rare mineral that is primarily found in the Broken Hill mine in New South Wales, Australia. It is a member of the epidote group, and is typically a pale pink, peach or reddish color. The mineral is relatively rare and is only found in a few locations worldwide, with Broken Hill mine in Australia considered as one of the most significant sources.

Bustamite is often utilized as a decorative stone, and it is also utilized in the jewelry-making industry. The mineral is also utilized for lapidary purposes and can be cut into cabochons, beads and tumbled stones.

Metaphysically, Bustamite is said to be a powerful stone for emotional healing, helping to release negative emotions and promoting feelings of peace and tranquility. It is also believed to help with spiritual growth and development, and can be useful in meditation and energy healing.

Due to its rarity, Bustamite from Broken Hill, Australia can be hard to find and expensive. The mine is closed and it's not being extracted anymore.

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