Celtic Trinity Metal Boat Incense Holder (9.5" x 2.5")

Celtic Trinity Metal Boat Incense Holder (9.5" x 2.5")

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This gold toned metal plated incense stick holder comes in the shape of a boat and has raised details of Celtic Trinity Knots.

To the ancient Celts the Celtic Trinity Knot or triquetra is utilized often to symbolize and honor the Mother, Maiden and Crone of the neo-pagan triple goddess. An example is the Celtic Sisters Knot. The three points of the knot symbolizes the three life cycles of a woman in relation to the phases of the moon. Often people are intrigued about the meaning of the Celtic Trinity Knot symbol. The three interlocking pointed lines of the Celtic Trinity Knot have been translated in numerous ways. But most interpretations relate to love, strength, and dedication in some form. Historically early Celtic Knot designs have had several meanings and vague origins like the meaning of the Trinity Knot. Celtic Knots have gained popularity around the world as tokens of love and family relations and have been regarded for centuries to mark important events occasions and symbolic beliefs.

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