Dyscrasite/Calcite- Bou-Azzer Mine, Morocco 2" x 1"
Dyscrasite/Calcite- Bou-Azzer Mine, Morocco 2" x 1"

Dyscrasite/Calcite- Bou-Azzer Mine, Morocco 2" x 1"

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This Dyscrasite specimen is a rare silver mineral often found in association with other minerals such as Calcite. The Dyscrasite specimen is from the Bou-Azzer mine in Morroco,  The Bou-Azzer mine is located in the Anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco and is known for producing high-quality specimens of Dyscrasite and other minerals.

Dyscrasite is a silver-antimony sulfosalt mineral and it is typically found in the form of small, silver-colored crystals. Calcite is a common mineral that can be found in many different forms and colors, it is known for its rhombohedral crystal structure and it is typically white or colorless. Dyscrasite/Calcite specimens are highly sought after by mineral collectors and enthusiasts due to their rarity and aesthetic appeal. The combination of the silver-colored Dyscrasite and the white or colorless Calcite creates a striking contrast in color, making it an attractive specimen

Dyscrasite, being a silver mineral, is said to have a close association with the energy of the moon and is believed to be a powerful stone for balancing emotions and soothing the mind. It is said to help with self-reflection and introspection, and to promote a sense of inner peace and calm. It is also said to be helpful in dream work and in exploring the subconscious mind.

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