Labradorite Cut Base Polished Specimen

These cut-base Labradorite specimens are polished on all sides.  They have a beautiful blue flash of labradorite. The specimens are approximately 5- 6 inches tall and 3-4 inches in diameter.  Each piece is polished to a brilliant shine.  

The geological type area for labradorite is Paul's Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. It has also been reported in Norway, Finland. Labradorite occurs in mafic igneous rocks and is the feldspar variety most common in basalt and gabbro. Labradorite can display an iridescent optical effect known as labradorescence.  Labradorite is thought to sharpen intuition; enhance emotional depth, self-reflection, and search for truth.

Each piece is similar, though no item at Crystal Joys is exactly the same as every item uses a unique stone that is non-fabricated.  Every item at Crystal Joys is true "one of a kind". Slight variations in color, size, and stone shape exist.

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